Doing a little preparation before commencing the’ hanging’ method is going to be worth the time of yours.

It is going to be advantageous to push furniture toward the middle of the home so you’ve plenty of space to stroll between it and the structure.

If walls are newly painted allow them to stop (dry) for a minimum of twenty four hours. In an area with more mature paint, bring a damp rag with gentle soap on it as well as clean the spot where designer wallpaper is gonna be so you eliminate any lint or dust that usually sticks to walls.

After choosing the level that you’re planning to put the border, have a stiff tape measure and go around the room creating a tiny mark with a pencil about every 2′ or perhaps so. This is extremely beneficial when you begin hanging the border to ensure that it stays straight and will stay away from wrinkles or creases.

If it’s possible, have a second individual help with the hanging.

Just about all borders are pre-pasted. In order to stay away from buying additional accessories, it’s simple to pack the closest sink or maybe bathtub with water that is warm to dip the paper into. Re-roll the spool of paper so you’re taking the final portion of the roll from the water initially. Have a damp rag to utilize to clean the paper as you use it with the wall. It really works better compared to the hand of yours.

You are able to place the whole spool of border to the water at a single time. Pull it out there with the sticky side from you. When you’ve approximately a full arm length of paper, fold it out from you, pushing it to another 4′ section of glued paper. (It is going to be gooey side to sticky side). Continue this method zigzag the border forth and back two – three times. When you’re through taking it out from the water, you are going to have the smooth side out, and the gooey sides together in approximately 4′ sections. Let the extra water run back in to the basin.